DAY 1 :-

Date: 01/07/2017 :-The first lecture of the Design Engineering 1A was started by Prof. Manisha Vashi. She introduced us with our new subject Design Engineering.

-She gave us information about what we have to do further in this subject. She tried to clear our mind about the Design Engineering.

-Then the further lecture was conducted by Prof.Bhaskar Bhatt.

-By the first lecture we understood the main motto of the design engineering is to try to change our observation towards every thing and try to develop some new ideas about everything.

-In that lecture sir explain us about “What is Design Thinking?”


-Then he explained us about “What is Case-base Learning?”

-He explained about BIO-MIMICRY and gave us exercise to make a bio-mimicry.


-What is bio-mimicry ? how it’s solution can be applied to real life for solving real time problem, Bio mimicry is desired sustainable solution for human, different approaches in bio-mimicry.

DAY  2:-

Date 15/07/2017:
-In the second day of the Design Engineering class we come to know about so many new things and new innovative ideas.

-We had done two exercise in the lecture.

a)Lemon Exercise

b)Balloon Exercise


-In the first Lemon Exercise we have to write 15 sentences about our lemon.

-After writing the sentences we have to exchange our lemon with other student and again have to write 15 sentences of that lemon.


-And at the last all the lemons were mixed-up and each student have to identify his/her lemon by their observation points.


By doing this exercise we can develop over observation skills and we know the different types of observation of an object.


-In balloon exercise a group of 5 members was made-us by sir and we have to make a balloon tower in group.

-This was a quite interesting exercise there was a lots of fun and we have knew many things.



By doing this exercise we can think in the direction of in which we have never think about it.So this was a nice experience and a nice exercise also.

DAY 3:-

Date: 29/07/2017
-In the beginning of the lecture we had introduced with the domain.

-Then our team had to decide domain for them.

-In which there were five sheets,

A- Activities




U- Users

-Then Bhaskar sir explained us about the meaning of roleplay and gave a task to write a Roleplay Canvas. Then we have to went to the place which was related with our domain and observed the atmosphere and different activities  in that area. My respected are was a construction site so i gone to the construction site for the AEIOU sheet. We complete all the sheets and returned to the college and check it to our respective faculties.

DAY 4:-

Date:  5/8/17

– Today was the another observation for AEIOU on the domain the we selected, i visited the construction site where the construction of foundation was being done. I learned about different terminology of the construction of the construction, and also function of different components of the construction. There was also a 10 by 10sq.ft, from where the soil sample for testing was obtained.

DAY 5:-

DATE: 19/8/17


Today was the 4th week of DE, there was submisson of the previous activities. we prepared the summery sheet of AEIOU activity, the summery sheet contained the information and observation taken from the construction site by the group members. To make the sheet more active we used the sticky notes and skech pens to highlight the observations.


DAY 6:-



In this activity we learnt the mind mapping and how it is done, mind mapping is pictorial expersion of our thought. we need to take blank A1 sheet and with respect t domain we select the terms related to the domain. Our domain was construction site. So we made the sheet of mind mapping for about 2 hours.




DAY 1:-


-This year nirmaan was organized under the banner of KSHITIJ. it was organised with 6  technical and 3 non technical events, different commitee were formed for organising.  Many of them were involved in the process of making this event succesful.

– There was an event named AVISHKAR ,in these event everyone has to bring their model based on the civil engineering theme, the event started at 11:00, there were approx. 20 entries for these event.

DAY 2:-



-I was the co-ordinater in this event, this event was held at college dome.  It was played with the ping pong ball and plastic glasses. the participants has to throw the ping pong ball in the glass. it was a huge hit. The event had total of 100 entries. the highest point in the event was 50 points. The team who had scored the 50 points was declared winners. Everyone enjoyed the event very much.




-In today’s stressful life of ours, we usually have a habit of either forgetting or   misplacing our important belongings. We end up spending lot of time to trace the lost   things or at times we lose it forever. Things that we are not able to find at required   moment loses its value. For example a document required for an interview if not   traceable on the day of interview, it is likely to happen that we incidentally find it after   a  week or later. 

-The above such incidences are supported by the well known Murphy’ Law which can be   rewritten as, ‘‘anything that can be lost will be lost’’. 

-In these empathy mapping we had to choose the anyone user ,then on bases user ,we   have to write stakeholders which the user see daily ,then assuming that we are that user  then we have then we have seek his emotion i.e we have to write two Happy story   ,i.e story which describe his happy feeling and similarly we have to write the story we   describe his sad story ,it was easy task we just need to thing the situation of the user and   on the based on these situations we had to write the both story.





-On these we have to perform project on field, we have reached the in lab at 8:30 , at there we were explained about 2 project that we are going to do , after explanation we  took all the instrument necessary for the surveying project and the reached on field ,  then we established stations and after that we measured chainage and offsets and then  we measured angle with theodolite and after completion of first project we have given rest for half an hour.


-Now we have to do our next project of developing curves on field then we were divide  in group we have done all the necessary calculation previous only within 30-40 minutes  we were able to complete all curves  then after one of the students went on terrace and  click the photos of curves that was develop on field ,then we clicked the group photo with   faculty and this how our both project were completed.


Garba night was held at my college. So many students came with traditional clothes. There was competition also which is categorised like best dress and best garba for both male and female.


Today we learned about Ideation Canvas. In that in first top most box we have to write people around us. Then below that two boxes were there. In which left side was Activities and right side was Situation/Context/Location was written. First we have to choose one user and write activities which he/she is doing and in third box we had to write the location and reason for activity. And we had to repeat this process for other all peoples. And in last box we have to create problems faced by people during activity and had to write solutions for them. It was a Wonderful Experience.